In 2011, STRAF_WERK made its debut as a new concept, with a focus on dancing, having fun, and enjoying the deeper sounds of house music. It was an upcoming trend at that time and continues to be immensely popular. After multiple events in various clubs, cities, and countries, STRAF_WERK is better than ever before.

At STRAF_WERK, everything revolves around house music. We don't focus on one specific sound but encompass the multiple sub-genres within house and techno. For each edition, we strive to find the perfect balance in the lineup composition. Over the past years, we have invited a lot of international artists. However, we also actively seek talented local and emerging DJs who hold a special place at the festival. This deliberate combination always results in magic on the dance floor.


Can't find your question on the website? Send us an email at info@strafwerk.org.

For press accreditation requests during one of our events, you can reach us at press@strafwerk.org.