This is the FAQ for SW ADE 2023. Here, you'll find all the essential information and answers to frequently asked questions about ADE 2023, which will take place at The Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Whether you're curious about ticket details, opening hours, facilities, or any other aspects of the shows, we've got you covered.


SW ADE 2023 Camelphat - October 20th.

SW ADE 2023 FUSE - October 21th. 

SW ADE 2023 Closing -  October 22th.

Location: The Kromhouthal, Amsterdam | Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP 



SW presents Camelphat - October 20th 2023 from 23:00 - 07:00. The doors will stay open until 5:00. 

FUSE ADE 2023- October 21th 2023 from 12:00 - 22:00. The doors will stay open until 20:00.

SW ADE Closing - October 22th 2023 from 12:00 - 22:45. The doors will stay open until 20:45.



Late tickets are still available, you can still get them in our webshop! 


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Ticket not received

Always check your spam box first. It may happen your tickets ended up there.
Still can’t find your ticket? Please send an e-mail to

Ticket ownership

The tickets do not have to be registered under the name of the ticket owner. It is not necessary to match the names on the tickets with the attendees.


SW ADE 2023 shows are 18+ events. Please make sure to bring a valid identification with you, as your ID will be checked at the entrance. Only individuals who are 18 years or older will be granted entry to the shows.


There are several facilities available at the SW ADE 2023 shows. From food and drinks to other essential amenities, SW 2023 offers a wide range of facilities to enhance your experience.

First Aid
If you're not feeling well during the event, you can visit first aid for assistance with any health problems.

You may bring medication to the event if necessary. However, please ensure you have an official doctor's note and keep the medication in its original packaging.

You can inform the food court about your allergies so they can accommodate your needs. They can provide advice on suitable food options. 

SW ADE 2023 is completely cashless this year. You can pay directly with your debit card at the bars. However, if you prefer, you can purchase cashless cards at the cashless cards desk.

Phone charging
Unfortunately, there are no designated charging areas for mobile phones.

No, cigarettes are not sold on-site at the SW ADE 2023 shows. Please make sure to bring your own if needed.

Alpine earplugs are available for purchase at the cashless cards desk. 

Liquids are not allowed on the event grounds. 

SW has a zero-tolerance policy regarding to use and possession of any of drugs. The possession or dealing of (hard & soft) drugs is prohibited at SW. If there is any evidence of overt use and/or possession, confiscation of the drugs will follow and/or the offender and the drugs will be handed over to the police.

Unity provides information and advice on using alcohol and other drugs during the shows. On the spot! In addition to risk reduction, Unity is committed to making a positive contribution and strives to create the safest possible environment for you.

De Kromhouthal is wheelchair accessible. 

We have a team of caring and skilled First Aid professionals spread across the venue, ready to help in any situation. If you or anyone nearby requires assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your safety and comfort are our utmost priority.

Celebrate Safe
Partying together is something we always encourage! But what’s even more important is that everyone also gets home safely. Thats why we partnered with ‘Celebrate Safe’. 

Prepare Be at your best

Just say Know Inform yourself

Pace yourself Take things slowly

Better save than sorry Less is more

Think for yourself Care about others

Love your body Take time to recover


The Kromhouthal is located in the business park De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North. For navigation, use the following address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 96, Amsterdam. Please note that we don't have our own parking

SW & CamelPhat: Paid parking is available in the area of De Kromhouthal 

SW & FUSE: Paid parking is available in the area of De Kromhouthal 

SW Closing: Paid parking is available in the area of De Kromhouthal

Public transport and bike

1. Buiksloterveer Ferry from Central Station (followed by a short bike ride)

If you're coming from Amsterdam Central Station, you can take the Buiksloterveer Ferry to go to the event location. Once you arrive at Buiksloterveer, it's just a short bike ride to the venue. You can easily rent a bike in the city to make the journey convenient. 

2. Noord-Zuidlijn (North-South Line)

Another option is to take the Noord-Zuidlijn (North-South Line) to the nearest station. From there, you can check the walking route to the event location. Most likely, it should be within walking distance.

For both Friday night and Saturday night, the ferry services to IJplein have been extended until 1:30 AM. The Buiksloterveer ferry is available throughout the whole night. The North-South Line is available until 00:30 AM. 

With Uber, you get wherever you need to go. Download the app, request a ride and a driver will arrive within minutes.


You can't purchase lockers online anymore, but lockers are available for purchase at the venue, but please note that they are small in size and may not accommodate backpacks or suitcases. You can store your bike battery in a locker, but it's not allowed to charge it.

I have lost my locker code

At the locker tent, there is a locker service counter where they will help you with your issue.

I have lost my belongings

At the locker tent, any found items will be brought to the locker service counter during the event. After the event, the found items will be transferred to I lost. Visitors can search for their lost items on within 1 to 2 days after the event. 

I have found some items

These items can be brought to the locker tent where there is a locker service counter. The found items will be taken there during the event.